Saturday, December 04, 2010

{Decking the Halls... and the stake center tables!

Some friends and I were asked to come up with table centerpieces for our Stake Musical Christmas Fireside next week. I made a trip to ARC and the coffee isle of my local supermarket and came up with these super fun starbursts! I had seen something similar done with an old phone book at a local boutique in Colorado Springs and knew it could be adapted to work for our event. I love how they turned out and can't wait to see 24 of these beauties decking the cultural hall for Christmas!
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Saturday, November 27, 2010

{Christmas Vinyl Par-tay!

Christmas is just around the corner... Yikes! For the last few weeks I've been thinking about, creating for and *anticipating* Christmas. I think I have come up with a few gift ideas almost anyone could benefit from. I hope you can make it!

When: Friday, December 3rd
Time: 7:30 until we finish!
Place: My home

Please feel free to call me with questions or to place an order (761-9084). I would appreciate your orders no later than Wednesday, December 1st (midnight).

Merry Christmas!

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Love, Harry and Draco.

Yesterday we had a super fun trunk or treat at the church... Todd and the Young Men were in charge of the spooky science lab. I'd say he has a little craft in him afterall. I was super proud!

We waited in line for what seemed like FOREVER for the hay ride but the boys loved it!

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Wednesday, October 06, 2010


I love Conference weekend. I love OCTOBER Conference weekend. I am always ready to watch Conference, be inspired and hang out with my family. Mom and I usually do some kind of craft and this year we decided to *surprise* each other and just show up with something fun to make. Well, I guess I should back up because I was in Utah in September for my niece's baptism and I can't go to Utah and NOT go to Tai Pan Traders. I love that store! I was a little short on time so I just ran in really quick and of course found a million things that I loved, but the item at the top of my list was a Halloween witch boot filled with funky flowers. It was a little spendy (like $125.00 spendy, ouch!) so I passed, BUT not before I called my mom to tell her how darling it was. So, fast forward one month later and mom came up with an over-the-top WAY cuter rendition of the witch boot that I saw in Utah. It's funky, glitzy and just my kind of Halloween decor! Thanks for a super fun project mom!
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Last weekend I had my first *official* photo shoot. I didn't know this family, they were a referral from a fundraiser that I did last year. I had the best time! I love getting to meet new people and Shawna and Dave were so kind. The kids were just darling and even their dog, Sally was fun to shoot! Here are a few from our session.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I am in love. It's a little ridiculous... it's a little funky... and it's a little FABULOUS! My latest craze are glitter cups! You would think that I drink a lot of soda. I probably drink more than I should but everything in moderation, right?? I think this will make a great water cup too... and I might just drink a little more now that I can drink it with flare! I have orange and black glitter, bling, cups and everything spooky to make one especially for my favorite time of year! To be continued....
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Monday, August 23, 2010

{'Sammy's school...

My little man started preschool today! He's been so excited. Ms. Carol came to our home on Friday to have a 'get aquanted' play date and since then he hasn't stopped talking about 'Sammy's school.' I'm not exactly sure what to do with myself and feel a little naked without someone to constantly be looking after. I just keep reminding myself that it's only 3 hours and there are so many things I can get accomplished in JUST 3 HOURS!!! Hooray!

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

{Back to School Mom projects!

OK so I do miss my kids, but I'm not going to lie when I say that after 3 months of flying by the seat of our pants I also realized how much I missed routine. I am excited to get back in the gym on a regular basis and start a few projects of my own. So after I complete my homework (ie... paint the entire main floor of my house to cover up all of the sharpie marks and scuffs from balls and shoes) I am ready to tackle a few cute things... Here are a few that I've been eyeing since BEFORE girls camp took over my life!

1. Amy Butlers Weekender Bag (I've heard it's a doosy, but I'm up for the challenge).

2. I have the paint all ready to go for my laundry room, which is currently a burnt orange but will soon look something like House of Smith's pantry! I also love this idea only in a blue/grey. I love how fresh it looks and I could use a few more 'cool' colors in my home.

3. I've got to include something to get me excited for Halloween and these adorable trick or treat bags will do the trick!

{2nd Grade!!!

Here's our big man on his first day of Second Grade!!! I think it's going to be a really great year for him! We met his teacher on Thursday and she seems like a firecracker (in a good way!). She will demand a lot from him, but I am excited to see him step up to the plate. Sammy and I are off to make giant back to school cookies and maybe the pool?? My little Sambo starts preschool on Monday (and then I get to tackle my poor house who suffered so much this summer!).

I found these cute little lunch notes on eighteen25.

My mom always took a picture of our new shoes on the first day of school... the tradition continues!

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

{Our summer garden...

If you would have asked me last week if our decision to rent a garden spot at Bear Creek was worth it, I would have told you "no way"! We got a late start on planting our seeds (thanks to girls camp!) and every time we would go out to weed or water I would get discouraged because every one else's gardens seemed to be booming! ...that's what I get for comparing (there's a valuable lesson in there somewhere). Well, we finally have a little something to show for our hard work. Yesterday I went out to water and we came back with squash, peas, beans peppers, cucumbers and a radish. Exciting stuff I tell you! I think I've convinced Todd that we have to gate in a small plot in the backyard for next summer though because the 15 minute drive there and the 15 minute drive back is about murderous when I'm trying to get dinner on and the kids are tired. Here are a few pictures of the day we put our seeds in the ground...

These are our garden buddies, the Babcock's.

...and this is just the start of a very bountiful harvest (I'm crossing my fingers!)
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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

{Mt. of the Holy Cross...

Last Friday Todd and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. Mom and Dad took the boys for the weekend and we headed up into the mountains for an adventure! Over the last couple of years, Todd has really had a desire to climb all the fourteeners that Colorado has to offer. He started last year and has done 8 of the 54.'s a start. So I decided to jump on the bandwagon and with only 2 under my belt we chose Mt. of the Holy Cross (which is just south of Vail) as our challenge. Well, challenge it was! I would definitely have to say that I it had to be one of the top 5 toughest things I have ever done (to my body, that is!). My feet must have grown because I had hot spots on my heels and toes climbing UP the mountain. It took us 10 hours to go just over 11 miles. Todd was very sweet and patient with me and my burning feet! The top was absolutely breath taking and once I get myself a new pair of hiking boots, I'd do it again in a heart beat!

I had never seen wild Columbine's in Colorado before so that was kind of exciting!
Todd and I at the summit.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

{"My name is Tagan Hawker and I am 1/2 Bajan...

We just got back from a pretty fabulous family vacation to Barbados. My father was born in Barbados and lived there until he was 14 years old. This was our first family trip to see the "home land." The running joke the entire vacation was that the Berry kids were 1/2 Bajan... we even attempted to fit in with the locals by working on our tans and our accents. Needless to say we weren't very successful! The people were so friendly (minus the airport!) and always willing to help us find our way around the island. The beaches were my favorite part of the trip. We stayed on the east side of the island which is the windy/rough side. We usually had a gorgeous white sand (that felt like brown sugar under your feet) beach all to ourselves! Here are some snapshots of our favorite beaches...

The Crane Beach, Foul Bay Beach and Beachy Head were our favorites.

These are some pictures we took around the island, they are mostly places dad remembers from his childhood...

We decided to take advantage of the fact that we were all together in a gorgeous location and have some family pictures taken...

We are a crazy Bajan bunch!
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Monday, May 31, 2010

{The month of May and M.I.A...

I have been missing in action... My entire spring and early summer has been completely devoted to girls camp! Ahhh!! It's going to be so much fun, but I'm sure my family is ready to call it quits. I've been more than frustrated a few times myself. Our theme this year is "O Be Wise" from Jacob 6. Once girls camp is over, I'll have to post all the details because no one should have to start from scratch!!! I'm working with the best women in the world and count my lucky stars every day for them!

This weekend we were able to take a breather with the Kimball's and Utah Hawker's in Steamboat Springs. It was so nice and relaxing and very much needed! We hiked and swam and just enjoyed being away from home!

Now, it's back to reality... ONE MORE WEEK and then I can breathe again!