Thursday, February 11, 2010

{First Grade Valentine's Party...

Jackson: "Mom, you made my Valentine's last year, this year I want to make my Valentine's."
Me: "Okay Jackson, what do you want to make?"
Jackson: "robots"
Me: "Oh, fun" (and I'm really thinking 'Seriously? HOW are we going to make robots?')

So we talk to grammies and she points us in the right direction (like always!), we head to Safeway and this is what we came up with. There was some hot glue involved but Jackson was the brains and most of the elbow grease behind his Valentine's this year. I love that Jackson is my crafting buddy. I think we're two peas in a pod that way!

...and thanks to my dad for this super fun lollipop tree that he made for me a few Christmas's ago! It made our Valentine's treats a breeze to display!
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{Knock off Wood...

I love, Love, LOVE this blog! Knock off Wood. I ran across it a few weeks ago and found myself inviting a few friends over to make Ana's version of PB Kids Collector Shelves. We modified the size and added some routing to make them look a little more like the PB version and they turned out SO cute! I have to say that for a bunch of girls that haven't ever worked with power tools (I think I qualified as the most experienced and I have really only used Todd's miter saw for a cut or two) that we did pretty good for ourselves! They came together fairly easily and will hopefully be as useful in our kids rooms as we have imagined.

After I painted and stained my shelves I was inspired to make Jackson a dry erase calendar for his room using my vinyl (if there is any interest, I may add them to my BNB blog). Hopefully I can move Sam into his "big boy" room by the end of the summer and give both boys' rooms a makeover. Nothing like a few little projects to get me motivated to switch things up around here!

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