Monday, March 26, 2012

{9 years old...

I really can't believe we have a nine year old boy.  The days go slow and the years fly by!  ...or something like that.  We kept Jackson's birthday pretty low key this year.  No big party, just a day all about him.  He wanted pancakes for breakfast, shool lunch and taco salad for dinner.  I can totally do that!  He has been begging for a 'pet' for years and I guess he's waited long enough because Todd agreed to some hamsters, Speedy and Tanner actually.  They are pretty cute and low maintenance enough that I think I can handle them.  Happy birthday sweet boy!
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{Make-up Board

I finished up this make-up board and hung it in my bathroom.  Totally life changing!!!  Todd constantly makes fun of me and asks when he's going to get a magnet board for his razors but jokes aside, I'm in love!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

{Pinewood Derby

There's nothing like a pinewood Derby to bring father and son together.  Todd and J worked for HOURS designing and creating Jackson's car.  Truth be told it is a beauty.  Not super fast, but a beauty none-the-less.  He won best of show.  Go J! 
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