Saturday, January 09, 2010

{Hammonds Candy Factory...

Every year we go over to the Baer's to make homemade candy canes. It is truly one of my very favorite Christmas traditions. The day after Christmas we met my family in Denver to tour one of Colorado's oldest (still operating) candy factories. Wow... the difference that equipment (and highly skilled hands) can make! Julie, we've got to take you up there! Perfect swirls, airy centers and they are at least an inch and a half in diameter! It is most definitely a lost art and made for a very fun day. After the factory we went to lunch and shopped around downtown. I love the city at Christmas time!

We could not let this photo op pass us by! When we see anything heart shaped and Miss Loveland Valentine is in the vicinity, a picture must be snapped!
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{Christmas morning...

My Christmas decorations are down and I've started my annual 'tear through the house organizational process' (although this is the first year that I've had my vinyl cutter and WOW! more on that later... let's just say "I heart labels!"). So, I'm trying to get the last few posts of 2009 out there so that I can move on to 2010! This year we stayed home for Christmas. It was nice. It was relaxing. The boys slept in until 8:30! We did Christmas at our house, had a nice breakfast, gave the boys Christmas haircuts and then we went over to sANNta's (that's my new nickname for my very generous mother-in-law!). We played games and ate until our stomachs nearly exploded. It was fabulous!
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