Monday, May 31, 2010

{The month of May and M.I.A...

I have been missing in action... My entire spring and early summer has been completely devoted to girls camp! Ahhh!! It's going to be so much fun, but I'm sure my family is ready to call it quits. I've been more than frustrated a few times myself. Our theme this year is "O Be Wise" from Jacob 6. Once girls camp is over, I'll have to post all the details because no one should have to start from scratch!!! I'm working with the best women in the world and count my lucky stars every day for them!

This weekend we were able to take a breather with the Kimball's and Utah Hawker's in Steamboat Springs. It was so nice and relaxing and very much needed! We hiked and swam and just enjoyed being away from home!

Now, it's back to reality... ONE MORE WEEK and then I can breathe again!


Denver Sims said...

Tagan...what a darling banner!! Only you could do something so classy and CUTE! Can I come to camp with you? =]

Isn't Steamboat the best? We love it there. Hope camp is of luck!

kimberryorama said... will be so great! Those girls are really lucky to have you be "boss lady"
Look at those little boys..sigh.
I can't wait for their visit!

gnee said...

I love keeping up with your amazing life Tagan. Thanks for the great pictures and I look forward to your report on Girl's Camp. Your Mom is right...those are some super lucky girls. Wishing I was in YW again!!!