Sunday, March 22, 2009

{My handsome 6 year old...

I seriously can't believe J-Dawg is 6 years old! March 19th was the big day and this year we kept it pretty low key. We are (I am) still reeling from our trip to Disney World so we took treats to school, enjoyed a fun day with Semi Sam and Tanner, ate pizza for lunch AND dinner, and played with some fun new toys!
The last six years Jackson has completely turned our world upside down with his ever changing, hilarious personality. That's what we call him, "Mr. Personality." He is laughing and joking one minute and crying the next! I think we've hit puberty about 6 years too soon. The hormones are already raging inside his little body... Right now he is loving school (the social aspect of it at least). His teacher called him a social butterfly at our last parent/teacher conference and continued, "at this point he is much more interested in making friends than learning to read." -That's our boy! He is however, reading small books and absolutely LOVES to draw. He is quick as a whip and catches on to everything we say. He can shake it better than Shakira and has recently discovered a love for Karate (thanks Semi and Grammies).

That just about sums it up for our J. This week is Spring Break and we are looking forward to a week of absolutely nothing but playing around and having fun! How fun to have a birthday at the beginning of Spring Break!

...and just because, here's a recent pic of our handsome little 18 month old! (By the way today was his first "official" day in Nursery, we made it for about an hour before he had a complete melt down)
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

{sPring Projects...

There's nothing that puts me in the mood for a project like being cooped up in the house. I start to go stir crazy sometime in the middle of January after all the craziness of Christmas subsides. Here are a few of my recent favorites...

We went to Utah over Thansgiving break and a trip to Utah isn't complete without going to the Quilted Bear. There are so many fun things there! One of my purchases that day was a Family Home Evening chart. There wasn't one that really matched the colors in my house, so I bought it with the idea that I would have to come up with my own version. I had it framed at Hobby Lobby (with my 40% off coupon of course) and I love it!

Over the last year and a half or so I have really fallen in love with sewing... I love the colors, the textures, the finished product, pretty much everything about it. You get a couple of good friends to come over with their machines for a "party" and it doesn't get much better. This is our version of the "Ultimate Sunday Bag". I found the pattern for the bag at a quilt show in Longmont last fall and made up a few for Christmas gifts. I finally got around to making one for myself and it is now complete with coordinating "I spy" bag, crayon roll and diaper/wipe storage.
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Sunday, March 08, 2009

{We're back and ALL our dreams came true!!!

Well... we are back! What a crazy, fun adventure... Brent and Ann started talking about a Hawker family vacation last year and the place was going to be Disney World. Last week we packed our bags and all 20 of us (10 kids 7 years and younger) met up in Orlando, FL. We had a ball! Grandma and Grandpa bought us each a 6 day pass to the Magic Kindom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. We hit it hard each day we were there and I am wiped out! Here are a few pictures from our fun family vacation...

{Princess Aurora called Jackson her "Prince Charming" and he was completely embarassed}

Indiana Jones AND Star Wars in one day... Jackson was in little boy heaven!

The kids took naps when just couldn't keep their eyes open any more. I'm hoping Sammy sleeps for a week solid!

One of my very favorite things was going through the land portion of Epcot. How cool would it be to have a gorgeous, soil free spiral of herbs growing in my kitchen??? I've got to figure that one out! Epcot should come out with a mini version for home use. Hmmmm....