Thursday, July 31, 2008

{Where did July go?

I always thought that summer's were supposed to be carefree and lazy... well we've never been busier... Here's a snapshot of what we did in July!

We had plans to go to Telluride for the Fourth but things didn't seem to fall into place like we were hoping, so we stayed home and had a good ol' home town Fourth of July! The Reserve (our pool) had a big neighborhood party complete with food, a jump house and a belly flop contest! It was a blast. We went home that afternoon to BBQ ribs and were off again to Memorial Park for fireworks! Mom and Tanner came down for the day so it was a ball!

The very next week Liz and all her kids came out to stay with us for a week. It's a new tradition that we've started... I go see her sometime in the spring for a week and she brings her clan out in the summer! We had all the Hawker's over for dinner one night and this is a picture of Brent and Ann and all their grandkids! (not bad for 9 years!)

Julie Baer hosted family "Bunco" at the pool. We had fun swimming, eating and mingling with all our friends from the two wards.

We took an afternoon and went to 'America the Beautiful Park'. It was our first time at this park and it won't be our last. The kids had a blast running around the fountain and the view doesn't get any better!

We packed a picnic and went over to Helen Hunt Falls one night. We ate dinner, the kids played in the stream and then took a little stroll above the Falls.

A week with Liz wouldn't be complete without some kind of craft project. This year we opted to make reversible aprons. They turned out so cute! Hopefully our meals will taste even better now that they are cooked with diva love!

Jackson finished up his t-ball season. It was so funny to watch (even unbearably funny). Here's hoping for a more coordinated season next summer!

We left for a fun filled week at Oceanside California to be with the Rossell's (my mom's side of the family). It proved to be one big party just like it always is. It was so wonderful to be with everyone again and to spend some much needed time with Grandma and Grandpa! Jackson learned to 'surf' and Sam is still recovering from all the sand he ingested! We can't get enough of the beach.

Todd and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary! He is the best thing that has ever happened to me!

Happy July!