Tuesday, November 13, 2007

{Cousin Love...

Today while jackson was at preschool, I went over to the Kimballs to get some pictures of Claira for her birth announcement. After we played around with Claira, we decided to add Sam to the mix... They are only 6 weeks apart, but the size difference is amazing. I'm sure she'll catch up to him soon, but today she made him look SO big. It kind of made me sad... Anyway, we put the two of them together and I loved this top picture. He's got one arm around her and he's flexing the other! He's just letting us know that he'll take care of her as they grow up together!

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{Goodbye Craft Room...

Somehow I figured this would happen... When we remodeled our basement we took one bedroom and designated that to be my craft room. I even had the carpet ripped out and the concrete stained so that if I spilled glue, paint or whatever it was an easy clean up. This was supposed to be a place where I could retreat and create to my hearts content. If I didn't finish a project, I could shut the door and the rest of the house wasn't affected. Well, since Sammy came along it has been harder to get to the gym. I'm tired in the morning and by the time Todd comes home I just want to spend time together as a family. ...so... this was our solution. Todd ordered an ironmaster weight set and bench so that we can just go downstairs and get in a decent workout. The problem was we had no where to put it. We thought about moving the guest bedroom from downstairs to upstairs, but that didn't make a whole lot of sense. Eventually we agreed to turn my craft room into the weight room. It has actually worked out pretty good. My craft 'room' has been moved to the kitchen/bar area in the basement and the only down side is that now I have to been a cleaner crafter!
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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

{Photo shoot...

I love pictures! I love it when I get a great shot with my camera... Having kids has made me a little obsessive about photography. Not that I'm really even that good, but I have taken an interest and I'm trying to teach myself about lighting, composition etc... I think that maybe someday I would love to open a studio. Not any time soon, but maybe someday... These are some of my recent favorites. Sam is getting so big so fast that I feel like I need to capture every day!
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Last week we had a couple of Jackson's buddies over for a play date. Carson and Sam came over after preschool and as soon as they got here, Sam asked if they could go outside. It was a beautiful day and perfect for playing in the leaves. We got the rakes out and went to town! The boys were jumping off of the rock wall into the leaves, posing for pictures and 'flying' around the backyard in capes leftover from Halloween! Little Sammy was sleeping away inside and missed all the action... I'm sure by next fall, he'll be joining them in the fun.

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