Thursday, August 11, 2011

{Art contest...

J's got skills. Art skills to be exact. His teacher approached me in February and told me about an art contest that she thought Jackson should enter. School hasn't always been easy for Jackson so I'm always looking for things to boost his self esteem and art does that. I wanted him to do well in the contest so I went to Hobby Lobby, coupons in hand. We bought an oil kit, canvas and brushes (who in their right mind buys oil paints for a 7 year old?) I'm new at this, I guess. Well I figured we had all weekend to work on it so surely it would be dry by the time the painting needed to be turned in. Wrong. I asked if I could turn it in wet and they agreed. I found out that it took well over two weeks to dry to the touch. It's probably still not dry! Anyway long story short, not only did he place, he won first place complete with a blue ribbon! It was a national contest with over 1000 entries. Of course not all of them were in his age bracket but none the less. He was so excited! I was so excited for him. It made my mom heart happy to see him succeed... I got to pick him up from school and we spent an entire afternoon at the Broadmoor Hotel mixing and mingling with astronauts and NASA. So cool!

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Bridget said...

Your son has a gift...that is for sure. This was a BIG deal and I hope he realizes that!