Wednesday, October 01, 2008

{Loving all things OWL...

There is something about owls that has me smiling this fall... here are a couple of project ideas and other fun things that I've been eyeing

This Owl Pillow might just end up on Sam's bed (well, crib)!

Sam is a little big for an Owl Onsie, but maybe a t-shirt will do?

Absolutely love these Owl Cupcakes!

If only Halloween were a year round holiday! Owl Nightlight

I might just have to make one of these in orange and black for Jackson's school Halloween party!!! Owl Pin

...and this Owl Necklace is a little creepy, but something is still drawing me to it!


Kimball Family said...

That is so funny that you love owls! I'm not a huge fan myself but to each her own.

Bridget said...

Owly Mowly! That pillow is adorable. I'm hoping to see it on Sammy's bed soon! You'll have to let me know when you'll be making it so I can finish my stinkin' apron! I mean cute apron!

Ty and Kenz said...

Did you see an owl the last time you were in Moab or what? TB