Monday, February 14, 2011

{Cupcake Love...

Oh my.... nothing from December to February! Well, what can I say?? It's a busy time of year! Christmas was great! New Year's was great! It's been freezing cold here and I have spring fever Big Time! Yesterday was 65 beautiful degrees so I'm a little happier this week.

Last week in anticipation for teh day of *love* I had a little cupcake gathering. It was so fun! Okay, not that I need to make (or EAT) cupcakes right now -isn't swimsuit season right around the corner??- but they are darling and SO fun to make! I caved.

Here is a little 'taste' of what we came up with:

Kelly's bakerella spin off. I think they are just beautiful.

Annelisa's delish almond cupcake with raspberry creme filling.

This is a little deceiving... I wanted to make a beautiful, out of this world good cupcake and while I do think it turned out pretty, it tasted like grainy poop! Who except for Martha Stewart and Bakerella can make meringue frosting over a double broiler and not have it turn out grainy?

Love this. Jocelyn's hostess knock off!

Round two of the hi-hat cupcake. Well, hi-hat turned lo-hat... I tried a different recipe and it tasted great, but did not form stiff peaks! Anyone have a good suggestion for me on a no-fail meringue icing recipe?? :)

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Nancy Jewkes said...

Love the cupcakes and the class "service" project. Terrific. I've gotten on a cupcake kick ... my YW are loving it. I especially like the
Kelly's bakerella decorating. Would love to know how she made it so cute.