Monday, February 14, 2011

{Happy Valentine's Day! ...and a little love detecting!

Here is a pic of the Valentine's that Jackson gave to his classmates this year. I saw this tutorial all over the web this year so we gave them a go and they did not dissappoint! He's such a cutie!

Sammy didn't want to cooperate in a little photo shoot for his Valentine's and had no desire to help in the planning or prep, so I just took over. I'm completely okay with that!

Jackson's teacher asked if I would come in a teach a little Valentine's craft about a week ago. I had the bright idea that we would make tote bags that would double as Valentine's carriers and a library book bag. When I told her what I was planning to do she said that the room mom's already planned to decorate bags at the party so what's a mom to do? I called my mom! What would I do without her? She told me that in the Friend back in the 90's there was a sharing time about service. Secret service. Well I took the idea and ran with it. The kids filled big manilla envelopes with hearts that they made in all shapes and sizes. I gave them a sheet of paper to track all of their good deeds on and we made a 'love bug' pencil (because every good detective has to record their movements). I told them if they were able to complete at least 7 secret acts of service for someone they loved (and left a homemade heart as their calling card) by the next week I would reward them at the class party. The kids totally got into it. Jackson made my bed. He left little notes for Sammy and the kids in his class were just as excited to be love detectives! On Friday Mrs. Jacob's gave me a list of kids that had brought back their lists of secret acts and I gave them this...

They are official detective badges. You should have seen all these little second graders wearing their badges with pride! So fun.
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Bridget said...

I was gonna say that Ethan did NOTHING for us! But, then remembered he missed that day you were in. Bummer! This is exactly what he needs.

Elie said...

Tagan, how do you DO IT?? This blog is absolutely beautiful. You're a real class act.