Wednesday, May 02, 2007

{Hangin' with Grammies!

J and I met Grammies in Cherry Creek for a fun
filled day about a week and a half ago. We met
because we wanted to meet for a craft show.
Well, the craft show was pretty lame but it
worked out alright because we were in the
middle of Cherry Creek in the spring time. All
of the homes are older and very well maintained.
The trees were blossoming everywhere and the
smell was to die for! We proceeded to get lost
and found ourselves in the middle of downtown
Denver, so we went to lunch at a landmark
restraunt; the Rocky Mountain Diner. We ate
outside, watched the train go by and had a great
time! Jackson was a gem all day long! We went to a few other stores and then parted ways. I am
loving our Denver traditions!

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