Friday, September 02, 2011

{Romas and Onions and Chilies, Oh My!

It has been the week of salsa!!  I think I'm sweating it... garlic, tomatoes and chilies.  What fun though!  I look forward to this time of year when I can stock my food storage room with yummy, homemade salsa.  Last year was the first year I attempted it (thanks to a dear friend who held my hand the whole way.  Why is it that canning is so intimidating?)  We made up our own recipe and threw ingredients in based on taste.  It was good, but this year's salsa is FAB!  I've included a copy of the recipe we used below.  Now get some girlfriends together, fire up the grills and get canning!

It's a really good thing Todd likes salsa because he forgave me pretty quickly when he saw what I did to our dining room table!  I would highly recommend placing hot jars on at least 2 towels (or better yet, glass)!  I think another table painting session is in order! 

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