Sunday, March 04, 2007


I up and decided to take Jackson to Utah last week. Liz and I had been talking about getting together for a while, so we just went. We had a wonderful time! Jackson and Lauren are bosom buddies!!! For the first 3 days, I felt like I never saw him. They were downstairs in the toyroom from sun-up until sun-down. We made time to go to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving point, where we saw a 3D shark movie. All of the kids thought it was great when the movie came to "life". I looked down the row in the movie theater and all the kids had their hands out in front of them trying to grab the fish and pet the sharks!

On Thursday night, we headed down to Provo to visit Ty, Kenz and Tess. We made dinner at Fox River and had fun together cooking and laughing. Girls, I think we make a pretty good team!

The drive back was a little scary, but Jackson was a trooper and we made it home in time to get to the gym! It's always fun to get away and get out of the routine every now and again... and it's always good to get home and find that routine again!
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